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About Me

It was just another day as a 20 something...navigating the dating world, trying to build my corporate career and attempting to understand who I was as a person and my purpose in this crazy world. Then in 2011 at the age of 29 I discovered a lump in my breast. My family doctor sent me for tests (thank goodness she believed me) but felt that I was too young to have breast cancer. Little did she know, the tests would come back positive for an aggressive stage 3 diagnosis. It was in that moment that I knew I was going to fight this thing with all my ability and would do anything needed to make that happen. That included revamping my lifestyle completely. And so, my journey to wellness began.

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I spent many years experimenting with different lifestyle changes, but as Covid hit in 2020, I took it as an opportunity to level up my wellness. I lost over 35lbs from cleaning up my diet considerably (no more sugar or gluten for me), gained muscle & lost fat with the help of my fitness coach and enrolled in a program to become a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner (FDN-P). Becoming an FDN-P has been life changing for me. It wasn’t until I worked with an FDN-P and ran some functional lab screenings on myself, that I was finally able to determine what likely the biggest contributors to my cancer diagnosis were (10 years later). Not something a medical doctor was ever able to help me with. I was told that getting cancer at my age was just “bad luck.”

By using functional lab work, I was able to determine that my Phase II Liver Detoxification was sluggish, resulting in “bad” estrogens recirculating in my body (yup – hormonal breast cancer) and that I had Leaky Gut from eating too many so-called “healthy” foods that I was sensitive to, causing excess inflammation in my body – also not good for cancer! (no more soy, spinach, onions, peppers or banana for me!). I also learned about Metabolic Typing which determines what the proper diet is for each individual person based on how the body breaks down food (did you know that there really isn’t a one size fits all diet for everyone!) The best part…I was given a “plan of attack” on how to fix this with a complete lifestyle protocol that FDN-P’s are trained to provide.

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Learning all this about my body, motivated me to want to help others and pushed me into my mission of helping YOU uncover the underlying causes of your sex hormone imbalances to get you feeling like yourself again.

The body seeks to heal itself. I am just here to lend a hand.


Healthfully Yours, 


Healthy Breakfast
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